Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day in the life....

I got the idea to take random photos during a day from FatMumSlims blog.
I remembered in the morning, but then forgot half way through the day, then remembered at the end of the night. hahah. 

Yesterday, I had breakfast with my boyfriend. He had spaghetti for breakfast but i had a vegie terracota bake. we shared some cheese and vegemite toastie soldiers as well!

After breakfast we went to Bunnings to try and find a lightbulb for my closet but they sold out! dang! It was freezing in there so I waited in the car. 

My boyfriend decided he needed new boxer shorts so we drove to Chadstone. On the way I took a photo of the Pamela Anderson house from the car. Too bad there was a van parked out the front...but you get the idea...

This intersection is the worst!!! Arghh!! But I thought this photo really captures St Kildas vibe. Old buildings with palm trees. Random. 

At Chadstone I went to the big liquor store and got this cool flavoured vodka.
Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate ! Yum! I mixed it with coke! Can't really think of what else to mix it with? 

After Chadstone I went and visited my mum for a bit because she was at home alone for the weekend! It was my friends birthday drinks so I had to scoot back home and get ready.
I put my hair in rollers. My favourite way to style my hair. I'd do it everyday if I could be bothered!

Listening to Fleetwood Mac getting ready! 

Then after party time with my LOVELY friends we got a cab home with crazy taxi driver from hell.
We hit the swings near our place. I love swings!   

Ahhh... maybe I should of taken a photo of the drunken feast I had at 5am when I got home?
yuckkkkkkkkk Those are the calories I need to forget. If I had access to fried chips I would of eaten about 5kgs of them.

I should of included an outfit pic but I was so rushed I didnt get a chance! It is something I always forget to do! 
Hope this wasn't TOO boring for you all !


  1. Cool as!

    Can you please please please do a blog post on how to use those curlers in your hair, and what look you get with them? I need body in my hair.

    It just looks plain old shit, of late! :(

  2. It was a fun day. I really enjoy my time home with you. The swings at the end made me feel sick. Its making me feel sick just thinking about it. BLAAAGGGHHHHCCCHHH

  3. i will do a post about using velcro rollers!
    for sureeeee
    its totally easy
    and i think its not too time consuming so perhaps you can manage it with baby duties.


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