Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everyone is crazy for Balmain

It seems everyone has Balmain fever.
I think the bleach rip jeans are foul and look completely off unless matched with Balmain diamontee heels and the crazy Michael Jackson jacket.
The marching jackets and crystal studded heels are going to look so stupid and outdated next season so my pick is this cool studded skirt. It doesn't scream Balmain as much as the other items. 
I saw the shoes in the flesh at Miss Louise and they look tacky as shit. So cheap looking. I dont know why anyone would pay $3000 for something that is basically a Giuseppe Zanotti heel with shit glued on. I'd rather those crazy $5000 Louis Vuitton heels that look like a child went nuts in craft class.

Anyways, I love this skirt, its cute but at roughly $10,000. I will pass.
Rather have a Birkin....or a trip to Hawaii...


  1. Beautiful, but ever so slightly over my budget! :P

  2. yeah me too.
    i mean if it was $9990 then maybe but $10,000 no.
    i dunno who is crazy enough to buy a $10k skirt.
    maybe victoria beckham?

  3. that skirt is fricken awesome!!!
    i wonder how a DIY version would turn out.


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