Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey peeps. 
I am here blogging from the Monash Freeway. We're driving to my bfs parents house and hit peak hour traffic. annoying! So I thought " Why not update my blog?" 
I took a photo of me blogging from my car. Dunno why. Now that I look at it, its not really interesting at all. HA. Oh Well. IT STAYS!

Yesterday I went to see my fams new factory. The keys havent been officially handed over yet but we can still go and see it. The previous owners still have lots of old machinery in there that I looovvved. It all looks so cool! I didn't have my camera on me so I got my bf to take a photo on my iphone. My outfit isn't really interesting today. If i knew I would get to take a photo in this cool place i would of tried to put something a little interesting on. hahaha!

When I got dressed this morning, my inspiration was COLOUR. Believe it or not !
I ALWAYS wear black. Sometimes wear grey. NEVER wear colour. I tried. I TRIIEDD!! SEE PURPLE SCARF! yeah? I thought it was a good effort. I told my friend that I felt like a fraud in colour yesterday and he said I was weird. Dunno why. Hmmm..

I loved how the sun came through the windows. The factory really had this cool eery vibe about it. Sorry about the horrid photos, but Iphone, you know how it is. Look my little puppy came into the photo! cool !

I loved these two machines with the circle feature in the middle. Couldnt resist a quick photo for my blog. 
I really want to try and make this a little more interesting than photos in my mirror, but its hard living alone to get photos happening.

kookai grey marle slip
black tights from myer?
black tshirt from sportsgirl
purple cardigan under jacket from country road
jacket from sportsgirl
shoes form marc by marc jacobs
sunglasses from ray ban
handybaggles by chanel

i really hope to become more experimental with fashion this year and wear more colour. have more fun! i hope my blog can help me achieve this!
Just went back and realised how stupid my poses are. hmm. I feel so weird posing for photos.
My bf just said handybaggles is a stupid word. He is probably right. I think its funny.

Now he is upset that I wrote this.
I have to quickly sign off! HAHAHA


  1. Such a cute outfit. I love your hair colour, and I love the purple with your hair colour.

    You should definitely rock a little dash of colour here and there.

    Happy weekend to you. x

  2. Cute girl!!!!!! hahahaha

    I love it when you wear some colour.

    You will need to get some more outfits with colour. (NOT WITH THE NEW CC THOUGH) hahahahahahahahaha.


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