Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fantasy Shopping

Today I am at work and there is NOTHING to do. ugh so boring. so i decided to go fantasy shopping and blog my wishlist.
CouchShopper, If you win the lottery, please refer back to this post. xoxox.

First up,
I spotted this lovely red oversized cardy from net-a-porter. Its from See by Chloe.
cuuutee. it would be perfect for this shitty-excuse-for-summer type weather we have been having lately. ughhhhh.
The red is cuuuutteee and im trying to step out of my black safety net.

See by Chloe Oversized Knit

For the next item,
I have a LV Graphite Jorn bag. I want this for carrying my laptop to work and back. The keepall im currently using is too big and hurts my shoulder.
This would be a nice addition to our collection wouldn't it CS?
Louis Vuitton Jorn Bag
$1480USD from

Next up this STUNNING cartier panther ring. 
Its definitely a PIECE.
According to LittleLadyLost , Rachel Zoe wears this ring.
too cool for skoooolll
I heard its around $20k. So this is staying on the fantasy list for ever.

Cartier Panther Ring

back to Louis Vuitton again.
I should of uploaded this pics in a better order.

I really want this for carry on luggage because its hot.
it doesnt really scream "LV LOOK AT ME" and it has wheels. wheels are best invention.
wheels on bags. genius.

Louis Vuitton Graphite Pegase 60
$2310USD (ouch)

For those of you who know me in real life , you know i LOVE these lv monogram shawls. In real life you cant really see the monogram(yay) so its just this lovely oversized pashmina that is like a warm cup of cocoa for ur neck and jubblies. hahahahhahhaa. ok ok weird description but i wear them ALOT and feel naked if i dont have one.
I only have the black one and the grey one. which i think is called beige. its like beige in some lights and grey in others. anyways
i thought i would jump outside the box for next winter and grab a colour.
cant decide between the Pomme d Amour (left) or Grenade (right) im sure ill have to see them in real life to get a better idea.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl
$450 USD

Last but not least,
no list would be complete without some Christian Louboutins!
I love these boots! wish i could try them on :( shoe shopping online is the worst!
I think i could definitely strut around melbourne acting like a rock star in these shoes.
im sure id look insanely stupid and ridiculous but lets pretend i dont.

Astraqueen shoe boots 


  1. The red shawl is nice. Goes best with black.

    The panther ring is divine! I'm drooling.

  2. The red shawl is really nice:) Red is a never-fail color I think, it fits everyone despite skin- and hair color:) And it is such a sexy color;)

    You seem fairly intrested in fashion, do you think you could help me out a little?:) I have a 'accessories-problem'XD Pretty please?:)


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