Friday, December 19, 2008

Flowers of the Week

I havent felt like blogging all week.
Ms Blogless's father passed away on the weekend and we have all been feeling for her.
May he rest in peace.
She went to Fiji, where he lived, to say one last goodbye.
Our thoughts are with ms blogless and her family at this very tough time.

I went to the farm to get this weeks flowers. i didnt feel like colour. it didnt seem right.
i needed something more classic. so i went with white and red roses. 
i decided not to put in the usual greenery and all the fancy extras. just let the flowers stand for themselves. i like the result. but having the heater on every day to 31degrees makes them wilt very quickly. oops.

As we speak, CouchShopper is boarding his flight from Karratha to Melbourne. He just informed me he got a free upgrade to business class! Merry Xmas to CS from Qantas!!!!
w00t . im so happy for him. he really deserves it. its a 6 hour flight so it will be bliss for him and i have no doubt that when he comes home he will be drunk. Yes you will. dont lie.
so here is a sneak peak of the xmas gift i got him!

What is it !!!????
i will divulge the answer after xmas !!
but if u guess right, you will win a prize.....Self Satisfaction!

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  1. Haha I work at Karratha airport during my uni holidays, and often the flights are so full that economy gets overbooked, and we have to upgrade people. I love it! Especially when they really don't expect it! I once to upgrade someone who wasn't a frequent flyer or Qantas Club member, and she was so happy she nearly cried. Seriously. Tips: Never wear thongs, or super casual outfits - we aren't really allowed to upgrade people who aren't dressed nicely and if we do, the Cabin Crew sometimes get annoyed and may report us.



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