Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things in my home!

The other day i caved in and bought this marvelous candleabra. Im not sure if that is how you spell it but we'll stick with this for now. Ive been eyeing it off for a while but always felt bad because its quite expensive. I thought it was kind of silly and i'd get over it really quickly. It was on sale at DJ so I ended up just getting it. its by Villroy & Boch. is that right ? haha im not sure. im in the car now on the way to "SHOPPO" hehehe. so i thought i would blog while my bf drives. 
Anyway, once i set it up and put some candles in i was happy with the result :

While shopping in DJ i noticed this little Georg Jenson gems on sale and picked them up too!

And i thought i would take a photo of the flowers i have in my house this week. I like to change them every week and this week i was feeling white with a splash of red. I was happy with the result. The red roses seem to lift the otherwise black and grey room.
I might feature coloured flowers more often from now on !

And now i arrive at Doncaster Shoppingtown and i am ready to spend!! WOOT WOOT



    have fun coo coo ka choo

  2. Nice purchases! I imagine the candle thing would look great on your buffet.

    And I was never a fan of coloured flowers until recently when you bought me some, bless your heart/cotton sock. I usually stick to white/green.

  3. i love coloured flowers. i dont think i have purchased white flowers on their own.


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