Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok first out. lets talk about the eat shit and die video floating around YouTube

kanye went crazy cuz somoene threw a coin at him. nutsos. thats okay. i still love u kanye. maybe even a little more. i get the crazies also so i know how u feel.
kanye let out the crazy a couple of times during the show.
also when his keyboardist wouldnt stop playing when he asked for " just the drums"

i love how kanye had costume changes. its truely kanye. such a poser. and he kept looking at himself on the screens throughout the night as well. priceless!!!

Kanye performed a lot of tracks from 808s which i was suprised about. i only thought he'd do 1 or 2. so it was a nice suprise. i think a lot of the crowd wasnt familiar with the songs though because the album had only been out here for about 1-2 weeks before the concert.

Nas was the support act for some odd reason? nas and support act shouldn't be in the same sentence but whatevs. maybe his cancelled tour from last year didnt sell too well?
his band was on fiiireeeeeeeeea!
he spat so clearly for about 30 mins atleast? 30-60 mins. he didnt sound out of breath at all...which happened to kanye towards the end of his set. either that or he had a bit of a blocked nose. ladylost and i were laughing so much each time he'd do a little nose snort. Ha !!!

it was a dream to see nas live so it was truly an awesome moment ill never forget. 

This was my 3rd kanye concert (!) and i'd go again and again. always lots of fun.
He let his heart out during Heartless and Love Lockdown and i appreciated it. It made me feel like he was being more personal with the audience and you could see his soul come through his lyrics ( ha ! but true!)
awesome time as i knew it would be !


  1. Those photos are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kayne was fun. At least he kept everyone entertained with outbursts and snorting. It would have been boring otherwise.


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