Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Swimming with Dolphins?

On the weekend CS and i and family went to Sorrento to go swimming with the "dolphins"
which ended up being swimming with seals.
there were no dolphins. they told us that 1 out of every 12 trips they see no dolphins.
i bet thats what they say to every trip !HAHAHAH
it was quite cold and windy but the lovely crew made us scones from scratch ( with dates!) and hot choc and teas.
so CS swam with the seals but i chickened out. there be sharks in that ocean i tells ya!!!
youd have to be crazy to jump in. CRAZY!
ill swim with dolphins k? just not in the ocean with sharks and jelly fish etc,
only in a swimming pool.
the dive instructor pulled out a starfish because he said it was a menace to (ocean) society!

The smell of this seals was like the smell of rotting carcass. or what i imagine rotting carcass would smell like. quite similar to the smell of donut king changing the oil in its vats in the morning. ROTTING CARCASS!!!


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  2. No dolphins? What a rort! It should be called "Maybe swimming with the dolphins, but maybe not. We'll just call it swimming with the dolphins to get you come out to Sorrento, but what we'll present you with, is seals, which are not as cute a dolphins". I don't know.
    Seals stink. I wouldn't have swam with them either.


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