Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Xmas Tree Shopping!!!

Yay its now early December so it is time for xmas treeeeeeee!!! woot woot!!!

Usually i go with my parents to the xmas tree farm and we all fight over which tree to buy. it is hard to pick one in a massive farm! 
However, THIS year since i have moved out my parents seemed to think they could get whatever tree they wanted. ARGH! not happy! i want to choose both! im still a big kid damnit and i want to choose the trees!!

It took FOREVER! to get there
It is in NAR NAR GOON so its like i dun even know where but u drive forever and think ur in the middle of no where and then u see a lil sign telling u to turn left.

Once you get there, its not as easy as picking a tree about "yay height" and leaving. You have to pick the perfect height, shape, fullness etc
whilst having no weird gaps or weird dangly branches. the trunk has to be nice and straight and not lob sided.
It takes a while to find "the one" but when u find it, it's worth it. 
My puppy loves to come and she runs around like a bit of a nutsos but its all in the fun of the day. They had a goat at the farm that kept making weird noises. Interesting.

Now we are back at home and my dad and bf are putting it on the post while i sit in their massage chair and blog. ahhh what a tough life it is :)
i will post pics later when we finish decorating their tree and my tree

Right now i am downloading
Desperate Housewives
The Hills
Ugly Betty
Gossip Girl
Prison Break

I REALLY REALLY want to blog about these shows but im on american time and i think all my readers are on AUS time :( booo. its so hard to keep all the juicy story lines to myself!

i bought a new sass and bide dress today! i will try to blog with photos tomorrow :)

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