Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finding crabs and squid.

The other day we went down to Point Samson.
We went pretty late in the day so the tide was really high. Which doesnt make for the prettiest photos...but it makes for fun " finding shit in the rocks" time.

Everytime I would find a cool crab that looked like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, my bf was no where to be found with the camera.
I found some massive bright red crabs that walked sideways. It was hillarious.
I dunno if crabs really walk. Do they scuttle? I'm not sure. But one snapped at me.

So basically, instead of taking photos of cool red crabs he took photos of this sort of rubbish,

and no squid were found :( BOO

We did take lots of funny jump shots. I will post them one day.
Going through photos is exhausting. Especially when you have a bf who takes heaps of crappy photos and refuses to delete anything.
I have over 1000 photos to go through.
Oh yeah, and work to do. HA. Well today I have been good, its 4pm and I just started to blog.
I also got my eyebrows waxed up here and they did a good job. I am SO happy. I just feel fresh and clean with a good brow wax. Is that weird? I think not.

Tacos and Pinot Grigio.
How could that go wrong?!!

Now I'm going to run over to Net-A-Porter before I get caught out....
tee.hee....Missoni here I come....

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