Tuesday, June 16, 2009

topshop or tuckshop

Now that the Pound to AUD is so good it is too easy to go nuts at topshop. I seem to be ordering something new every week. I am really slow at taking photos though. I will be getting better as i get my DSLR I'm sure.
I got this jacket about 3 weeks ago. I looovee it. Even though it has been called a Michael Jackson jacket by a few people. The sequins keep falling off though :(
Sorry I didnt get a proper photo. Flash in the mirror isn't the best. I tried to find the photo off the Topshop website but it seems like its gone now. Must of sold out.
My boyfriend keeps calling Topshop Tuckshop. So I guess it is sticking. TUCKSHOP.


  1. loving the regular posts CS!! :)

  2. There is something amazing going on with topshop right now.. my best friend scans it constantly and sends me the most amazing purchase links. yay I am going to london soon, but im constantly there for the sales, argh! not the good labne.

  3. i have this really cool beaded vest from topshop i have to post about too.
    topshop has been good lately. but u really have to weed out the crap.
    and sometimes ive recieved items which have totally been seethrough! i wish they had pics of the clothes on mannequins. would make it easier to buy!

    hayley your posting more often too i noticed!
    yay for winter staying in doors!

  4. I am indeed, trying to keep it going.. do u shop UK or US on the topshop site? i'm thinking UK since u said pound.. is there a difference really? (yes u have influenced me to look at the topshop/tuckshop website and this could turn out costly) lol.


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