Monday, June 29, 2009

Rocky Mountain

I went up the top of the mountain the other day and my bf took a photo of me taking a photo.
it made my mum so confused when she saw the photo. she kept saying " how did you do that"
hahahahha so funny.
he was playing around with our ol digi cam while i was trying to look like a real photographer.
TRYING. hehehe

For some reason, in 95% of the photos I'm in, I have my mouth open like this. Maybe I want to catch flies and eat them. Okay no. That would be foul. Once i sneezed and a fly went up my nose and that was traumatic.

Im wearing the same S&B shorts as in the last post. I love wearing demin shorts. I have three pairs that I just rotate over stockings for the winter. I used to be all about the skirts but now I'm all about the shorts. I like to wear a look to death , get sick of it, never do it again.

Whilst we were having breakfast we spotted a massive gecko on the tree. I ran over to take a photo and scared it away. Stupid. Yes I know. For some reason I thought it would be like a fridge magnet and not move.
Anyways, the next day I saw this one on the same tree. It was about half the size as the dinosaur from the day before :(
I took this photo from about 4 metres away so I wouldn't scare the lizard off again.
geckos are so super cute.

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