Monday, June 22, 2009

Most stylish outfit of my blog thus far...

Over here in the outback you can forget about fashion. It's not allowed. I get cranky.

I am forced to wear

high visibility long sleeve top
thick denim pants
safety boots
safety glasses
hard hat

All of this in 30 degree heat....imagine in summer! thank god it's winter now. I'd die here in summer. Wearing that in 40 degree heat would be impossible.

but being the rebel I am I took the hard hat off for this photo. OOOHhhh!!
ahhahaha. Taking photos over here is really hard because if you aren't taking them before noon its a real battle with the sun/shadows.

Taking photos has been really hard. It seems every angle has really strong shadow or glare and after about 2 minutes it's too hot and i have to give up trying.

On top of all of that, where the fudge can I get a decent soy decaf caramel macchiato around here? Any recs? Just kidding. A decent espresso would do. But even that is asking too much.....


  1. What are you doing in the outback?

  2. just up here for work stuff.
    nothing interesting really!
    its really fun though and it has made me more proud of being australian.


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