Saturday, June 13, 2009

s&b tees

I really love the new cut of Sass&Bide tees. they are so loose and flattering. The complete opposite to their old style which made me look fat as. bleugh.

I bought this bow tee a month or so ago and I love it! I wear it often. Just wish it wasn't as see through. I have to wear a white singlet underneath.

I bought this tee below on sale at David Jones. I liked it from day one but I didn't buy it for some when i saw it on sale I snapped it up!

Lastly, I bought this tee last year, but I wanted to share my Romance was Born scarf that I wrote about a few posts ago. I haven't worn it yet because it doesn't show the detail over a black top and I don't have anything long sleeve that isn't black!! I need to buy a new knit to show off this scarf! I really like it. It reminds me of Rodarte for some reason..maybe because it has that cobweb look about it. I got it from Alice Euphemia. The girl who served me was lovely.

Apologies for the dodgy photos. I have really dim lights in my place and I tend to take my photos at night when I'm bored. So...hmmz. I guess it's better than no photos right? maybe? hmm I dunno.

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